Saturday, August 25, 2012

Waiting in line for Carrie Fisher at Star Wars Celebration 6

Hello friends, I'm typing from my phone at the Orlando Convention center where the star wars celebration 6 is taking place. At this exact moment I'm seating on the floor of a very crowded room. In about 20 minutes we will move inside of the theater for the Princess Leia show that is expected to last about 2 hrs. So far the day has been great and I have very interesting videos showing all kinds of star wars stuff such as hundreds of stormtropers, and people dressed in all kinds of costumes, star wars toys, and even videos showing many of the actors that attended today. Earlier today I also had the chance to see the might George Lucas himself, talking about his new cartoon show called "detours". The cartoon promise to be good and very funny, an you can watch the trailer of it online. Sadly I'm staying only for today (Saturday) and will be heading back tonight, but I'm satisfied with the event and it's really a cool experience. Ok the line seems to be moving, so gotta go, but stay turned for updates and thanks for reading

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