Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to make the red x on a Mac close the application.

Switching to a Mac is not an easy thing in my opinion. Yes the hardware looks are beautiful and stylish, but the prices are much higher, customization rare or very difficult, and finally getting used to OSX from windows takes a while. One of the things that really doesn't make sense to windows users in a Mac, is that when you press the red x on a window, the application doesn't close, it just minimizes and continues running. No matter how Mac lovers want to justify this behaviour, it is really annoying to have to navigate Thur menus or press the CMD key and Q at the same time, to just do something that takes one click in windows. C´mon, a big red X by intuition should close the application. To minimize it, we have the minimize button no?. Anyway, I found an application that is free and can change this behaviour to mimic windows on a mac, its called ¨RedQuits¨and so far it has been working great, so you can try it out and let me know how did it go:

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