Friday, November 15, 2013

Obama Care, good or bad?

Today after weeks trying to register, I was able to do so at the Obama care website. After filling a lot of questions, 3 chat sessions with costumer service at the website, and several failed attempts, I was able to see the plan options... and all my Yay! went into a what?!.

Turns out the cheapest plan is close to $500, and its deductible is about $6500.... really?, this is way too high to be useful for anything but a big emergency.

President Obama spoke yesterday apologizing, and it was good he did so. The prices are way too high, and I do feel they should be at least 30% less. Somebody that lets say, makes about $45000 a year, would get about $3000 a month after taxes. If you deduct rent, food, car, gas, etc, there will be very little or nothing left. Having to pay $480 a month extra for healthcare that has an insane deductible, is just too much of an impact for this kind of budget.

My family member is even considering not applying and pay the penalty fee, instead of joining, simply because the price is too high.

Lets hope this gets fixed soon, what do you think?

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